Shortlists for 2014

The Press Awards celebrate excellence in journalism and these awards reflect all aspects of journalism including categories for features, columns and interviews to reflect the different styles in newspapers.

Reporters, feature writers, interviewers and photographers working for agencies are also eligible to enter work published by a national newspaper between 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2014.
This year there are 21 general awards, 5 team awards and 4 special awards. Special awards include The Cudlipp Award, the Journalists' Charity Award, The Georgina Henry Women in Journalism Prize for Innovation, new for 2014, and the Newspaper of the Year Award.
Young Journalist of the Year
Larisa Brown – Daily Mail
Susannah Butter – London Evening Standard
Peter Campbell – Daily Mail
Henry Foy – Financial Times
Billy Kenber – The Times
Alan Selby – Daily Mirror
Business and Finance Journalist - sponsored by EY
Jim Armitage – The Independent
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard – The Daily Telegraph
John Gapper – Financial Times
Chris Giles – Financial Times
Simon Goodley – The Guardian
Jeremy Warner – The Daily Telegraph
Political Journalist of the Year
David Clegg – Daily Record
Janan Ganesh – Financial Times
Fraser Nelson – The Daily Telegraph
Peter Oborne – The Daily Telegraph
Matthew Parris – The Times
Tim Shipman – The Sunday Times
Foreign Reporter of the Year – sponsored by Reuters
Ian Birrell – The Mail on Sunday
Martin Chulov – The Guardian
Patrick Cockburn – The Independent and i
Mark Franchetti – The Sunday Times
Anthony Loyd – The Times
Courtney Weaver – Financial Times
Science and Health Journalist of the Year – sponsored by L’Oreal
Sarah Boseley – The Guardian
Pilita Clark – Financial Times
Steve Connor – The Independent and i
Laura Donnelly – The Daily Telegraph
Andrew Gregory – Daily Mirror
Robin McKie – The Observer
ShowBiz Reporter of the Year
Baz Bamigboye – Daily Mail
Richard Brooks – The Sunday Times
Simon Cable – Freelance (Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The Mail on Sunday)
Katie Hind – Sunday Mirror and Sunday People
Halina Watts – Daily Mirror
Dan Wootton – The Sun
Sports Journalist of the Year
Mike Atherton – The Times
Nick Harris – The Mail on Sunday
Ian Herbert – The Independent and i
Nick Hoult – The Daily Telegraph
Matthew Lawton – Daily Mail
Tim Lewis – The Observer
Specialist Journalist of the Year – sponsored by JTI
Pilita Clark – Financial Times
Chris Giles – Financial Times
Katie Glass – The Sunday Times
Greg Hurst – The Times
Dan Hyde – The Daily Telegraph
Yvonne Roberts – The Observer
Interviewer of the Year – Pop
Rachael Bletchly – Daily Mirror
Adrian Deevoy – The Mail on Sunday
Charlotte Edwardes – London Evening Standard
Frances Hardy – Daily Mail
Rebecca Hardy – Daily Mail
Jenny Johnston – Daily Mail
Interviewer of the Year – Broadsheet
Decca Aitkenhead – The Guardian
Bryan Appleyard – The Sunday Times
Lynn Barber – The Sunday Times
Mick Brown – The Daily Telegraph
Bryony Gordon – The Daily Telegraph
Simon Hattenstone – The Guardian
Feature Writer of the Year – Pop
Guy Adams – Daily Mail
Laura Freeman – Daily Mail
Robert Hardman – Daily Mail
Joshi Herrmann – London Evening Standard
Andrew Malone – Daily Mail
Tom Parry – Daily Mirror
Feature Writer of the Year – Broadsheet
Chris Ayres – The Sunday Times
Elizabeth Day – The Observer
AA Gill – The Sunday Times
Simon Hattenstone – The Guardian
Anthony Loyd – The Times
Patrick Strudwick – The Independent
Columnist of the Year – sponsored by HW Fisher – Pop
Ian Birrell – Freelance (Daily Mail)
Matthew d’Ancona – London Evening Standard
Dominic Lawson – Daily Mail
Quentin Letts – Daily Mail
Alison Phillips – Daily Mirror
Brian Reade – Daily Mirror
Columnist of the Year – sponsored by HW Fisher – Broadsheet
Michael Deacon – The Daily Telegraph
Howard Jacobson – The Independent
Stewart Lee – The Observer
Fraser Nelson – The Daily Telegraph
Matthew Parris – The Times
Mark Steel – The Independent and i
Critic of the Year
Michael Deacon – The Daily Telegraph
Waldemar Januszczak – The Sunday Times
Jay Rayner – The Observer
Deborah Ross – The Mail on Sunday
David Sexton – London Evening Standard
Christopher Stevens – Daily Mail
Photographer of the Year
Ben Birchall – Press Association
Rowan Griffiths – Daily Mirror
Owen Humphreys – Press Association
Jeff Mitchell – Getty Images
Richard Pohle – The Times
Stefan Rousseau – Press Association
Sports Photographer of the Year
Marc Aspland – The Times
Tom Jenkins – The Guardian
Alex Livesey - Getty Images
Ian MacNicol – Freelance (The Mail on Sunday, The Times)
Kevin Quigley – Daily Mail
Martin Rickett – Press Association
Cartoonist of the Year
Peter Brookes – The Times
Dave Brown – The Independent
Matt Pritchett – The Daily Telegraph
Chris Riddell – The Observer
Gerald Scarfe – The Sunday Times
Peter Schrank – The Independent on Sunday
Scoop of the Year – sponsored by the Gorkana Group
‘62p an hour’, Ben Ellery, The Mail on Sunday
‘Boxing legend Frank: I’m now a woman’, Matthew Drake, Sunday Mirror
‘Fifa Files: Plot to buy the World Cup’, Insight, The Sunday Times
‘New boss of investigation into VIP child abuse claims is linked to Leon Brittan’, Martin Beckford and Simon Murphy, The Mail on Sunday
‘Tory Minister Quits after Sex Photo’, Vincent Moss and Matthew Drake, Sunday Mirror
‘World Cup chief and family paid millions by Qatari firm’, Newell and Watt, The Daily Telegraph
News Reporter of the Year
David Collins – Daily Mirror
Ben Ellery – The Mail on Sunday
Dipesh Gadher – The Sunday Times
Sian Griffiths – The Sunday Times
Insight – The Sunday Times
Andrew Norfolk – The Times
The Digital Award – sponsored by Google
Daily Mirror
i100 – i
Project Babb – The Daily Telegraph
Telegraph travel app – The Daily Telegraph
The Guardian
The Times
Front page of the Year
‘62p an hour’ – The Mail on Sunday
‘Boxing legend Frank: I’m now a woman’ – Sunday Mirror
‘Here is the news, not the propaganda’ – The Independent on Sunday
‘The great unravelling’– The Independent
‘The Vow’ – Daily Record
‘Times journalist shot in Syria by kidnap gang’ – The Times
Supplement of the Year
Culture – The Sunday Times
Notebook – Sunday Mirror
The Observer Tech Monthly – The Observer
The Times Magazine – The Times
Uncovered – The Observer
Weekend Magazine – The Guardian
Business Team of the Year – sponsored by Luther Pendragon
Financial Times
Telegraph Media Group
The Sunday Times
The Times
The Wall Street Journal EMEA Banking Team
Sports Team of the Year
Daily Mirror
Daily Record
Mail Sport
The Daily Telegraph/The Sunday Telegraph
The Guardian
The Times
News Team of the Year – sponsored by Unison
Daily Mail
Sunday People
The Mail on Sunday
The Sunday Times
The Times
The Cudlipp Award – supported by the British Journalism Review
‘Hear No Devo, See No Devo, Speak No Devo’ – Daily Record
‘Kids in Crisis’ – Daily Mirror
‘My Battle for the Lost Girls of Rotherham’ – The Times
‘Police corruption and child abuse scandal’ – Daily Mail
‘Slaves in Peril’ – The Sunday Times Magazine
‘United Against Isis’ – The Sun
The Georgina Henry Women in Journalism Prize for Innovation – sponsored by Wiggin
Everyday Sexism extension – Laura Bates
Foreign Policy Interrupted – Lauren Bohn
Interactive Blog for moderate Muslim voices – Iram Ramzan
Road to Wigan Pier – Ros Wynne-Jones
Newspaper of the Year
Daily Mail
London Evening Standard
The Guardian
The Mail on Sunday
The Sunday Times
The Times